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Even in the Age of Vaccines Measles Outbreaks Can Occur

Princeton University-led research looked at an outbreak in London schools during 1904. Using mathematical models and statistical inference they determined the threat is not completely gone today.

Superintendent Salary Caps Under Review, Public Hearings in January

The New Jersey Department of Education has announced revisions to the superintendent salary cap plan to give districts more flexibility, acknowledging the hardships the policy created but still promoting fiscal efficiency.

Rutgers Students Rally for ‘Sanctuary Campus’

More than 1,000 students and faculty turned out at Rutgers New Brunswick to call for the university to become a "sanctuary campus", where unauthorized students don't have to fear deportation.

Groups File Complaints Against Red Bank Charter School

The Latino Coalition and a private parent group filed formal complaints with the state against Red Bank Charter School, which they say educates fewer Latinos than the traditional public schools in the area.

New Jersey Ranks Ninth in Student Loan Debt

The average borrower in New Jersey carries more than $30,000 in student loan debt and nearly two-thirds of students in the Garden State have loans.

Apprenticeship Program Helps New Jerseyans Find Jobs

Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations helped create the state's new apprenticeship program, which helps at-risk New Jerseyans. The training is free and apprentices are guaranteed a job once they graduate.

Monmouth University Military Bridge Program Helps Veterans Pay for Education

The Military Bridge Program at Monmouth University helps veterans get a college education. Monmouth and the VA under the GI Bill match dollars to educate military veterans.

Newark Reentry Initiative Aims to Cut Recidivism, Prevent Homicide

Grant money will be used to work with 75 ex-offenders to keep them out of jail and alive. They will be chosen by analyzing crime and parole data to target people at the highest risk of being involved in a homicide.

Newark Parents Part of Lawsuit Challenging NJ’s Teacher Tenure Law

Six Newark parents are part of a lawsuit challenging the state's teacher tenure law. The suit contends the rule frequently referred to as last in, first out forces districts to retain ineffective teachers with seniority at the expense of a student's education.

Princeton Graduate Students Consider Unionization

The Princeton Graduate Student Union voted to affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers as a preliminary step toward unionization.