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Business & Economy

Opponents of Privatizing Public Water Systems Say It Will Raise Rates

Supporters of the Water Infrastructure Protection Act say the move will help towns fix aging water infrastructure, but opponents say the move will allow private companies to come in and raise rates.

Florists, Chocolate Shops See Boost from Valentine’s Day Customers

Valentine's Day brings many more customers to New Jersey florists and chocolate shops.

Commuting Trends in NJ Show Tilt Toward Taking Public Transit

Most still drive alone to work, but younger residents are more likely to ride bikes, take trains or buses, or even walk – and 4 percent of us telecommute.

Using Eminent Domain to Seize ‘Toxic Mortgages’

Newark is looking to seize so-called toxic mortgages through eminent domain, allowing banks to get fair market value and homeowners to get new mortgages with more affordable payments.

Teaching Financial Literacy to Help Domestic Violence Victims

New Jersey organizations are offering finance courses to domestic abuse victims to empower them to take control of their lives.

Valentine’s Day Sale Offers Deals on Newark Properties

Newark is offering vacant, city-owned lots up for sale for $1,000 as part of what it's calling a Valentine's Day land sale.

Program Gives Students with Special Needs Real World Job Experience

Brick Township High School offers a Structured Learning Program, which allows students with special needs to work as interns at various participating businesses.

Revel Sale on Hold

The sale of the shuttered Revel casino to Glenn Straub is on hold after the deadline to close passed. But a judge gave the parties until March 16 to sort out the details.

Property Valuation Committee Co-Chair: NJ Needs Reduction in Property Taxes

Property Valuation Committee of the State Bar Association Co-Chair David Wolfe says that property taxes in New Jersey continue to increase because they are a primary source of funding for municipalities but that the state needs to reduce them.

School Bus Ads Bring Additional Revenue to Districts

Some New Jersey school districts are selling ad space on buses to generate funds for their budgets.