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Union Members Rally for Full Pension Payments at State House

Police estimate 2,000 union members gathered in front of the State House to demand Gov. Christie honor the agreement to fund the pension system.

Amazon opening 2nd 1M sq.ft. fulfillment center in N.J.

Amazon.com has announced it will open a 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in Carteret.

NJ Spotlight Finance Writer: Millionaires Tax Unlikely to Become Law

NJ Spotlight Budget and Public Finance Writer John Reitmeyer says that it is unlikely Senate President Steve Sweeney's proposed millionaires tax will become law since Gov. Christie has vetoed similar measures four times in a row.

The History and Economics of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day officially became a U.S. holiday in 1914 and families this year have spent an average of $173.

Lesniak Proposes Reform to Business Incentive Program

Sen. Ray Lesniak wants to revisit New Jersey's Business Employment Incentive Program, which critics say doesn't provide a clear picture of the impact of providing businesses with tax incentives.

Study Finds Atlantic County Has Low Potential for Children’s Upward Mobility

A Harvard study has found Atlantic County has the lowest median income in New Jersey and ranks near the bottom in the U.S. for children's potential for upward mobility.

Unexpected $200M in State Revenue Will Go Toward Pensions

During the Assembly budget hearing, the state treasurer announced an unexpected $200 million windfall, which will be used for the public pension payment. But New Jersey will still owe more than $1 billion.

Questioning Benefits of Big Business Tax Breaks

A new study has found the tax subsidies granted to major corporations could lead to the state losing $97 million.

Rep. Pascrell Touts SBA Services in Secaucus

Congressman Bill Pascrell headlined a walking tour of small businesses in Secaucus where he spoke with owners about the services the Small Business Administration can provide.

Seniors Repair Books in Atlantic City

Volunteers at Myriam's Dream Bookbindery in Atlantic City re-bind and repair all sorts of books for those looking to preserve their works.