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NJ Has 3 of 5 U.S. Cities with Highest Percentage of Underwater Mortgages

New Jersey has three of the five U.S. cities with the highest percentage of underwater mortgages: Newark, Elizabeth and Paterson.

NJ Homelessness Down Overall, But Up in Essex County

The latest NJCounts survey found that homelessness in New Jersey decreased overall, but Essex County saw a 4 percent increase.

Red Light Cameras Still Collecting Data Despite Refusal To Renew Program

The Red Light Camera program came to an end after lawmakers refused to renew the state's red light camera pilot program. Although the program came to an end, The Traffic Safety Coalition says that the cameras may be out but they are still collecting data.

Students Overcome Homelessness In Order to Graduate

In Camden, a couple of High School seniors prepare to graduate after having to overcome obstacles from homelessness. About 500 students within the Camden schools district have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.

Jersey City Inspires Brooklyn Comparisons While Affordable Housing Crunch Tightens

Jersey City has a bustling downtown, complete with outdoor cafes, hip murals and ubiquitous condo developments, which is inspiring a comparison with Brooklyn.

Former DEP Drought Manager: Water Infrastructure Needs Updating

Former DEP Drought Manager Dennis Hart says that water infrastructure around New Jersey is old and that it's important to improve it. He says it can help improve the state's economy.

NJ Lawmakers Sponsor Bill to Ban Powdered Alcohol

Several New Jersey lawmakers are trying to ban the sale of powdered alcohol because of potential abuse by teens.

Former Justice Verniero: Pension Ruling is ‘Significant Opinion’

Former New jersey Supreme Court Justice Peter Verniero says the Court's ruling on pension funding is significant because it sets the rules for the state budget process for years to come.

Officials Say Newark is Ideal Place for Casino

Elected officials and businesspeople met to talk about the benefits of having a casino complex in Newark.

One-Third of NJ Renters Spend More Than 50% of Income on Rent

Because many people in New Jersey spend more than 50 percent of their income on rent, they often need assistance for other essential items.