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Charitable Giving on the Rise

Giving USA found charitable giving up nationwide for 2014. New Jersey organizations have seen an increase as well.

Sen. Whelan: PILOT Program Essential to AC Investment

State Sen. Jim Whelan is co-sponsor of an Atlantic City stabilization bill. One of those bills -- PILOT -- while helping improve the economy, would require Trump Plaza to pay taxes for the eight months it was open in 2014. Today Trump Plaza filed a deed restriction that would keep it closed for 10 years to avoid paying the taxes.

Christie Vetoes Dem Budget, Kills Millionaire, Corporate Tax, Proposes EITC Increase

Gov. Christie line-item vetoed portions of the state budget approved by the Democratically controlled Legislature.

East Orange Works to Clean Up Abandoned Properties

East Orange officials are taking steps to clean up foreclosed and abandoned homes by enforcing ordinances and imposing fines on property owners, including banks.

Lawmakers Approve State Budget Along Party Lines, Christie Expected to Veto Portions

Gov. Christie is expected to line-item veto the millionaires tax and corporate business tax surplus in the state budget that lawmakers approved.

Legislators Consider Over 100 Bills

Lawmakers had over 100 bills on their agenda Thursday, ranging from standardized testing to residency requirements for new cops and firefighters.

Family Income Affects Children’s Brain Size, Research Shows

A recent study found that the brain surface area linked to intelligence is correlated with family income. At Acelero Learning in Freehold, they have created a program that aims to level the playing field for kids and their parents.

Transit Advocate Coalition Calls Out Democrats for Stiffing Commuters

The New Jersey For Transit Coalition rallied in Trenton criticizing Democrats who didn't fully fund NJ Transit in their proposed budget, which will likely lead to a 9 percent fare increase.

Lawmakers Approve Tax Hikes in Budget to Make Full Pension Payment

Members of the Assembly and Senate Budget Committee approved Democrats' spending plan to add a millionaires tax and a surcharge on the corporate business tax in order to make a full pension payment. Republicans say the governor will veto the changes, however.

Casino Debate Pits North Against South Jersey

Some North Jersey lawmakers are pushing for a casino in the northern part of the state while those in South Jersey say Atlantic City needs to keep its hold on the gaming industry.