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Assembly Budget Committee Hears From Department of Health

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the Department of Health, which has a $1.6 billion budget.

GoGoGrandparent Helps Seniors Get Out

GoGoGrandparent is a service that helps seniors request ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. Users call a 1-800 number and answer prompts to either get picked up or dropped off.

No Promises or Expectations of Better Service as NJ Transit Faces Budget Hearing

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from NJ Transit about the state of its funding looking into the future.

President Trump’s Visits to Bedminster Could Cost $300,000

Although President Trump tweeted that skipping a trip to New York City will save the country money, going to Bedminster could cost rural community about $300,000 total over seven visits.

Murphy Unveils NJ Transit Fix Plan, Including Call for Emergency Manager

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy outlined short-term and long-term goals for NJ Transit that he would implement.

Treasurer Talks State House Renovation, Lottery Revenues

During an Assembly budget hearing, Treasurer Ford Scudder was asked about two fairly high-profile Trenton issues: the State House renovation project and dedicating lottery revenues to the pension system.

HousePaws Mobile Veterinarian Named Business Person of the Year

Dr. Lisa Aumiller founded HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service seven years ago. It has nine vans, nearly 60 employees and three clinics/hospitals with no paid advertising. She was named SBA New Jersey Small Business Person of the Year.

Sweeney: Senate Won’t Pass State Budget That Doesn’t Address School Funding Formula

Senate President Steve Sweeney announced that the Senate won't pass a state budget that doesn't start to address what he calls the unfairness in the school funding formula.

Immigration Takes Center Stage at May Day Rally

More than 1,000 union laborers, immigrants and advocates gathered at Liberty State Park for a May Day rally focused on immigration and President Trump's agenda.

Booker, Menendez Call on Congress to Get Tough on Airlines

Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez are putting up a bill to make sure passengers get a fair shake from what they characterize as a greedy airline industry: the Transparency, Improvements and Compensation to Keep Every Ticket Holder Safe Act or TICKETS ACT.