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Business & Economy

William Paterson Business School Dean: Oil and Gas Prices Affected by Volatility in Stock Market

The dean of William Paterson University's College of Business Siamack Shojai says that many factors play a part in determining the price of oil. Depending on supply and demand and what is occurring at the stock market can effect oil prices.

Department of Labor Clarifies Fair Labor Standards Act

New guidelines from the Department of Labor could change the way businesses determine whether workers are independent contractors or employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Atlantic City Mayor Guardian Discusses PILOT Plan

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian spoke with NJTV News Correspondent David Cruz about the Atlantic City PILOT Program.

Travel Restrictions to Cuba to be Eased by End of Year

Despite a rocky past with the US, Cuba is now a sought after travel destination. Congress still has a travel embargo, however by the end of the year the White House plans to ease restrictions and allow scheduled commercial flights to Cuba.

SBA Regional Administrator: STEP Program Assists Small Businesses in Exporting

SBA Regional Administrator Kellie LeDet says that the Small Business Administration's State Trade and Export Promotion assist small businesses in exporting and grow their dollar value.

A&P Plans to Shut Down Stores, Leaving Many Employees With Uncertainty

A&P has issued layoffs notices to employees in 93 stores around New Jersey. Some stores are slated to close next month, with many more to close by Thanksgiving -- leaving employees without a job and uncertainty.

Cooler Heads Prevail as Stock Market Takes Dramatic Swings

The New York stock exchange opened nearly 1000 points down following major changes in China's economy. The market stabilized, but many people reacted and sold stocks, while others used the opportunity to buy up stocks at low prices.

Officials Call For Upgrades on Fire and Building Codes

Officials are calling for an upgrade on fire safety measures at apartment projects as well as an upgrade to building codes.

US Stock Market Struggles Against Chinese Economy, Low Oil Prices

This week was one of the worst in recent stock market history due to a flailing Chinese economy, tanking oil prices and the potential of the Fed raising interest rates.

TCNJ Debuts Campus Town Community

The College of New Jersey revealed its new Campus Town, a new community within the Ewing campus for students that includes housing and retail amenities.