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Anti-Poverty Network of NJ Hosts Summit on the Hardships of Poverty

The Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey held it's annual summit on the hardships of poverty.

Rate Increases Sought to Improve Water Infrastructure

Underground pipes that carry water from treatment plants to homes and businesses are more than 50 years-old in suburbs, and more than 100 years-old in cities. Those pipes crack and lead to leaking. For every four gallons of clean water that flows through a faucet, one is lost underground through broken pipes.

‘Friends’ Say Liberty State Park is Not For Sale

Friends of Liberty State Park were on hand as the tough mudder competition made a contribution to the park. They want to make sure park stays free to all and isn't commercialized.

Business Development Centers Provide Assistance, Free of Charge

The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers offer services to help businesses and entrepreneurs to look at projections and realities of the business industry.

Inquiry on Fantasy Sports Leagues Based on Allegations of Questionable Employee Activity

An investigation has been launched on fantasy sports leagues -- DraftKings and FanDuel -- on allegations of questionable activity by employees for both companies.

Talking About Alcohol Abuse Following CC Sabathia Check In

According to the American Medical Association, nearly one in seven American adults has had a serious alcohol problem in the past year.

Newark Introduces Program to Provide Web Training to Unemployed Residents

Residents accepted into the program will receive 144 hours of instruction over 12 weeks and a laptop, all free.

APN: One in Four New Jerseyans Live in Poverty

The APN is encouraging all state legislators and Assembly candidates to sign a pledge recognizing that poverty is a problem in New Jersey. By signing the pledge they're also saying they'll work with APN and their partners to advance solutions to combat poverty.

Manufacturing Business Thriving in New Jersey

More than 7,500 manufacturers in the garden state produce everything from medical technology, to food, to pencils.

Trenton Hires Collection Agency to Collect Nearly $3 Million in Unpaid Fees

The city of Trenton has hired a collection agency -- Pioneer Credit Recovery -- to try to collect nearly $3 million in unpaid fines.