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Guardian: Gaming Outside of Atlantic City Not Good for State

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian discusses the impact that North Jersey casinos would have on Atlantic City and the state of New Jersey. He also discussed the PILOT legislation that would help rebound Atlantic City's economy.

Training for Union Jobs Helps Newark Residents Build Careers

A recent report shows only half of the U.S. adult population falls in the middle class. That's down from 61 percent four decades ago.

South Jersey Towns Petition to Be Heard

16 municipalities across four Southernmost Jersey counties filed a petition asking the state Board of Public Utilities to investigate Verizon’s phone service. They cite spotty coverage due to out-of-date copper phone lines that are in need of replacement.

Senate President on the Importance of Paying Pensions Now

Senate President Steve Sweeney discusses his plan for north Jersey casinos, Atlantic City and his pension proposal plan.

Reaction to Sweeney’s Pension Proposal

Governor Christie Tuesday panned the plan, saying it amounted to a $3 billion new tax on the 90 percent of the public that doesn't get a state pension.

Port Authority Board Meeting Marks Start of Gateway Tunnel Construction Watch

History may remember the Port Authority board's final meeting of 2015 as the day the Gateway Tunnel project officially went from pipe dream to economic imperative. In a little over a month, the $20 billion Tunnel project has gotten a promise of 50 percent funding from the federal government and a guarantee of regular funding sources in the federal Highway and Transportation bill.

Christmas Tree Tradition Continues in New Jersey

The first Christmas tree farm in the United States was located right outside of Trenton. The U.S. Department of Agriculture indicates that New Jersey harvested 68,471 Christmas trees in 2012.

Christie Castigates Business Leaders at NJBIA Confab

Chris Christie said he wasn't expecting a standing ovation on the way out of the ballroom at the Holiday Inn in East Windsor today, and with the tone of his talk before the NJ Business and Industry Association, there was no danger of that. “Time to wake up,” he adminished.

Poinsettia Industry in New Jersey Blooming

The floriculture industry in New Jersey is worth about $195 million a year, according to the Department of Agriculture. Combined with the nursery, horticulture and sod industry, that accounts for about $445 million.

Outlook for New Jersey Businesses Optimistic for Short Term

In the NJBIA's annual Business Outlook Survey, 62 percent of businesses said if they were to expand their businesses it would be outside of New Jersey. 67 percent of businesses said they take the state's inheritance tax into consideration when doing their long term planning.