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Business & Economy

Toms River to Enact Ban on Door-to-Door Canvassing By Realtors

Because of an increase in unwanted solicitations from people wanting residents to sell their homes, Toms River is banning realtors from knocking on doors.

J&J Ordered to Pay $72M to Ovarian Cancer Victim’s Family

A jury in Missouri ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay $72 million to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer because it found the company knew of talcum powder's risks but failed to warn customers.

Municipalities Fight for Back Taxes from Hospitals

Several municipalities have hired attorneys to convince tax courts hospitals that generate profits should pay back taxes.

When to Appeal a College Financial Award

The College Benefits Research Group recommends parents and students appeal financial aid packages in certain situations.

Climate Change Takes from the Poor, Gives to the Rich, Study Finds

As fish and other natural resources move in response to climate change, wealth moves with them.

Ransomware Attacks Hold Websites Hostage

Hackers use ransomware to lock websites, demand money and threaten to delete all the information.

Toms River Faces Deep Cuts in Schools Without Additional Financial Help, Say Officials

The effects of Superstorm Sandy are still being felt in Toms River and officials say without help, the school district will have to cut teachers.

Is Your Credit Card Vulnerable at ATMs and Gas Stations?

A new credit card scam called skimming is happening at ATMs and gas stations and is often unseen to customers and even employees.

Atlantic City Mayor Calls Financial Legislation ‘Fascist Dictatorship’

Mayor Don Guardian says the final legislation being proposed to help Atlantic City out of its financial situation amounts to a complete state takeover.

Lawmakers Hear About Delays with Credit Card Chip Readers

Consumers now have chip-enhanced credit cards, but not all stores have the proper readers to use them. An Assembly committee questioned why that is.