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Menendez Bill Seeks Protections for Consumers Overwhelmed by Medical Debt

Sen. Bob Menendez is introducing the Medical Debt Relief Act, which would prevent medical debt from continuing to harm consumers credit scores even after it has been paid off or settled.

Former Newark Bears Stadium Sells for $23.5 Million

New York-based developer Lotus Equity Group has purchased the Riverfront Stadium property, former home of the Newark Bears, with the hopes of building a high rise and a hotel.

Dealing with Opioid Addiction in the Workplace

Experts say those in high-pressure professional careers are more likely to use opioids and less likely to get help.

Opposition to Approved NJ Natural Gas Pipeline Continues

Opponents of the New Jersey Natural Gas pipeline have vowed to fight it in court with municipalities lobbying elected officials for their help.

Education Fairness, AC Takeover, Legalizing Marijuana All Topics at State Budget Hearing

The Assembly Appropriations Committee heard from residents about the proposed $34.8 billion New Jersey budget.

Jersey City Planner Looks Back on 26-Year Career

Jersey City Planner Bob Cotter takes a look on his 26-year career, talks gentrification and his retirement.

Disagreement Over AC Takeover Bill

Gov. Christie and Senate President Sweeney support a state takeover of Atlantic City, but Assembly Speaker Prieto wants to amend the bill to preserve existing collective bargaining agreements.

As Gentrification Spreads, Tensions Start to Mount

As gentrification continues in Jersey City, property values are rising and many neighborhoods are becoming drastically different in terms of demographics, sometimes even pushing previous residents out or causing tension.

In Jersey City, Gentrification Accelerates, Changing Neighborhoods and Lives

The downtown area of Jersey City has changed a lot over the decades. What once was a place full of vacant lots and abandoned tenements is now booming with economic activity and luxury housing.

NJ Supreme Court Hears Case for Restoring COLAs

Public workers who retired before a 2011 law went into effect want their cost of living adjustments (COLAs) restored, saying they were promised those benefits when they were hired.