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Fight Over Atlantic City’s Future Heats Up

Assembly Democrats have called for Speaker Vincent Prieto to post the Atlantic City recovery bills, which he has said he doesn't want to do. Gov. Christie and AC Mayor Don Guardian held separate press conferences to discuss the future of the city.

Changing Attitudes About Opioid Prescriptions

Because of the heroin epidemic, health care professionals are looking to reduce the number of opioid prescriptions. It means changing attitudes about the medications, which have been pushed by pharmaceutical companies.

NJTV News Live Coverage: Don Guardian Press Conference

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and City Council President Marty Small responded to Gov. Chris Christie’s press conference concerning the takeover bill and the lawsuit against the city.

Christie Squares Off With Fulop Over Atlantic City Bailout Bill, Gubernatorial Politics

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop reacted to Gov. Christie's comments that he's working with Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto to undermine the Atlantic City takeover bill Christie and Senate President Steve Sweeney promoted.

Climate Change Causes NJ Growing Season to Start Earlier

New research has found New Jersey's growing season for farmers is starting earlier, more like Maryland or Virginia, since temperatures are warming.

Christie Threatens to Oppose North Jersey Casinos If He Doesn’t Get AC Takeover Bill

At an afternoon press conference, Gov. Christie said he will oppose North Jersey gaming if the Atlantic City takeover bill and the PILOT bill are not passed in their current forms.

Cabin Cleaners Strike at Newark Airport

Cabin cleaners with 32BJ SEIU went on strike because they say wages are too low and working conditions are hazardous.

Recognizing Compulsive Gambling

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. It aims to shed light on compulsive gambling, which affects 350,000 people in New Jersey.

Environmentalists Fight Great Adventure’s Solar Site

Six environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against Six Flags Great Adventure to stop the building of solar panels at the Jackson facility that would require the removal of 15,000 trees.

North Bergen Hopes to Collect Taxes from Medical Center, Nursing Home

The township of North Bergen has sued Palisades Medical Center and its Harborage nursing home in tax court. Sen. Nick Sacco has introduced a bill to keep the tax exempt status for nonprofit hospitals and their nursing homes but allow municipalities to charge $2.50 per day for each licensed bed.