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Business & Economy

Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers: Ports will ‘Continue to Deteriorate’ if Changes Aren’t Made

The Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers predicts "catastrophic congestion" if changes aren't made to New Jersey ports.

North Jersey Casino Constitutional Amendment Passes

Members of the Senate and Assembly approved putting a measure to voters that would allow for casinos outside of Atlantic City.

NJ Future Forum Tackles Redevelopment

Six hundred people gathered to discuss redevelopment in the state at the 11th annual New Jersey Future forum.

Selling Orchids in New Jersey

Silva Orchids in Neptune has 15,000 square feet of greenhouses filled with the flowers.

Residents Take Atlantic City Bailout Fight to State House

Atlantic City residents and officials went to Trenton to ask lawmakers to reconsider a so-called takeover bill for the city.

Author Bryant Simon Give His Take on Current Atlantic City Problems

Bryant Simon, author of "Boardwalk of Dreams: Atlantic City and the Fate of Urban America", gives his take on the current Atlantic City problems.

Assembly Budget Hearings Kick Off Annual Season of Spending Debates

Parents and public school advocates from Paterson were among those at the first public hearing for New Jersey's proposed $34.8 billion budget.

Small Business Owners Worry About Minimum Wage Hike

New Jersey small business owners say they can't afford to pay employees $15 per hour, which is a current proposal for lawmakers to consider.

In Newark, Small Strides Toward More, Affordable Housing

Displaced tenants in Newark are struggling to find affordable housing units as rents continue to rise and incentivizing private developers to build more housing becomes more difficult.

Aerial Saw Saves Crews Time Trimming Trees

The aerial saw, with its 10 spinning blades that are suspended from a helicopter, has the potential to save JCP&L crews time and effort when it comes to trimming trees.