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Christie Touts Shore Recovery Amid Trump Questions

Gov. Christie visited Ocean Grove and Asbury Park talking about how far they have come since Hurricane Sandy hit. He also faced questions about his support for Donald Trump.

NJ Supreme Court: COLAs Not Guaranteed for Public Workers

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that cost-of-living adjustments for public workers aren’t guaranteed. That’s $13 billion retirees won’t get back.

Differing Views of New Jersey Outmigration

New Jersey Policy Perspective and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association have different views about the reasons people leave the state.

Regional Plan Association President Outlines Area Challenges

Regional Plan Association President Tom Wright talks about the challenges facing the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and ways to deal with them.

Fighting to End Homelessness in New Jersey

The Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey held its fourth community development spotlight where it talked about how to rid the state of homelessness.

Asm. O’Scanlon Outlines Three-Point Pension Payment Plan

Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon wants to keep requiring pension payments but on an annual basis instead of quarterly, overhaul public-sector health benefits to make the pension payments and create a task force to decide the details of reformed health benefit plans.

Working to Stop Wage Theft

New Jersey lawmakers and advocacy groups are calling for the passage of a bill that would allow wage theft victims to have their claims heard by the state Labor Department and municipal and superior courts, allow disorderly persons’ charges against violators and increase the statute of limitations to recover unpaid wages from two to six years.

Former NJ Driver Sues Uber Over ‘Unlawful’ Practices

A former Uber driver from New Jersey who says he got fed up with low pay, long hours and no overtime has filed a class action lawsuit accusing Uber of “unlawful wage policies and practices.”

Sweeney, North Jersey Allies Kick Off Campaign for North Jersey Casino Expansion

Senate President Steve Sweeney joined with Bergen County Democrats and union officials to kick off a campaign for North Jersey casino expansion, an effort he says is a win for the entire state.

NJ Horse Racing Industry Struggles

Overall, New Jersey’s horse racing industry has fallen far behind its competitors in neighboring states, particularly since tracks were privatized five years ago and lost $30 million a year in casino subsidies.