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Booker, Menendez Call on Congress to Get Tough on Airlines

Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez are putting up a bill to make sure passengers get a fair shake from what they characterize as a greedy airline industry: the Transparency, Improvements and Compensation to Keep Every Ticket Holder Safe Act or TICKETS ACT.

Camden Forum Focuses on Job Opportunities

During NJTV's In Your Neighborhood forum focusing on jobs in Camden city, panelists discussed the tax incentives New Jersey offered companies and its impact on the city's economy.

NJ Lawmakers Grill Amtrak Officials Over Train Troubles

A joint hearing of the Assembly Judiciary and Senate Legislative Oversight Committees wanted an explanation why Amtrak’s infrastructure kept going off the rails.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer Discusses Problem Solvers Caucus

Congressman Josh Gottheimer is part of the newly formed Problem Solvers Caucus, which is made up of 20 Democrats and 20 Republicans who meet weekly while in Washington to discuss a variety of government issues.

Immigration Attorney: Companies Need Skilled Foreign Worker Visa Option

Laurie Woog, an immigration attorney, discusses H-1B visas, which companies use to employ specialized skilled foreign workers. The Trump administration believes there is a lot of abuse and fraud associated with them. She disagrees and says they offer an important option for companies.

Lawmakers Hear Details About NJ Prison System

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the state corrections commissioner about how crime and the state's prison population are down.

Morristown Adopts Safe Place Program to Protect LGBTQ Community

Storefronts in Morristown that are marked by rainbow decals are part of program called Safe Place. The program aims to protect the LGBTQ community from hate crimes.

Amtrak, NJ Transit Warn of Ongoing Delays. Surprised?

Transportation expert Martin Robins talks about how the recent track troubles in New York's Penn Station came to be and what it will take to get the system fixed.

Sick, Vacation Time Payouts Cost Taxpayers Nearly $2 Billion

When public employees retire with unused sick and vacation time, they get that money, which can total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taxpayers are on the hook for those payouts.

Jewish Vocational Service Helps Prepare Those with Autism for Careers

Individuals with autism sometimes struggle to find a job. Jewish Vocational Service educates, trains and prepares those with autism for a variety of careers.