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Verizon Workers Back on the Job

After a 40-plus day strike, Verizon and unions struck a tentative four-year agreement that sent those on strike back to work. Union members have until June 17 to ratify the deal.

Senate President on AC Deal, TTF and Possible Gubernatorial Run

Senate President Steve Sweeney spoke with Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron about the deal reached in Atlantic City, funding the Transportation Trust Fund and if he's considering running for governor in 2017.

Maplewood Bans Commercial Leaf Blowers

From June through August, Maplewood is banning commercial leaf blowers after residents complained about the noise. Landscapers say the ban is unfairly directed at their businesses.

After Atlantic City Drama, All Sides Eager to Move On

Following agreement on an Atlantic City rescue bill, questions have been raised about the impact it had on the men responsible for the compromise.

A Look Into Zoo Security Following Cincinnati Zoo Incident

Harambe, a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was killed after a toddler managed to make its way into the animal's exhibit. Following the incident, the security of animal exhibits are being checked and analyzed.

Christie Visits Jersey Shore, Signs AC Recovery Legislation

Gov. Christie visited the Jersey Shore ahead of the holiday weekend. He sat down one-on-one with NJTV News and talked about signing the Atlantic City financial recovery legislation the Assembly and Senate passed and his thoughts about being the vice presidential nominee for Donald Trump.

AC Ready for Tourists, But Business Owners Concerned

Mayor Don Guardian is optimistic about Atlantic City's recovery, but business owners in the city say they're worried about the economic climate and the possibility of North Jersey casinos.

Elementary School Students Get Real World Experience in BizTown

Junior Achievement of New Jersey offers a free program for New Jersey students that gives 13 hours of lessons and then lets the kids show off their skills in a simulated Main Street.

AAA Director Talks Memorial Day Traffic and Tips for Travels

This weekend an average of 1 million people will be traveling in New Jersey and a total of 38 million across the country.

Wolfdog Rescues Find Safe Haven at Howling Woods Farm

Wolfdogs, which are part wolf and part dog, don't make good house pets. Howling Woods Farm offers a safe haven for the animals after people who adopted them realize they can't properly care for them.