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Sen. Beck: New Jerseyans ‘Absolutely Opposed’ to 23-Cent Gas Tax Hike

Sen. Jennifer Beck was at a rally in Freehold to speak out against a proposal to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund with a 23-cent gas tax increase. She has outlined a plan for the TTF that wouldn't raise the gas tax.

Disagreement Over How to Help Puerto Rico with Debt Crisis

The House passed the Promesa Bill to help Puerto Rico pay its debt, but some say it's not the right action to take for the island.

Lawmakers Present 10-Year Transportation Trust Fund Plan

The bipartisan Transportation Trust Fund plan would raise the gas tax by as much as 23 cents per gallon while phasing out the estate tax.

Christie Blasts Public Employee Pension Plan Ballot Question

Gov. Christie forecasts gloom and doom if voters approve a constitutional amendment to fund public employees' pensions: huge tax increases and deep cuts in spending to reach what he calls a $3 billion tax on 8 million residents.

Bipartisan Proposal: Cut Estate Tax, Raise Gas Tax for Transportation Trust Fund

Lawmakers released plans to pump $20 billion into the Transportation Trust Fund over 10 years by raising the gas tax while also lowering the estate tax.

Christie Touts Shore Recovery Amid Trump Questions

Gov. Christie visited Ocean Grove and Asbury Park talking about how far they have come since Hurricane Sandy hit. He also faced questions about his support for Donald Trump.

NJ Supreme Court: COLAs Not Guaranteed for Public Workers

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that cost-of-living adjustments for public workers aren’t guaranteed. That’s $13 billion retirees won’t get back.

Differing Views of New Jersey Outmigration

New Jersey Policy Perspective and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association have different views about the reasons people leave the state.

Regional Plan Association President Outlines Area Challenges

Regional Plan Association President Tom Wright talks about the challenges facing the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and ways to deal with them.

Fighting to End Homelessness in New Jersey

The Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey held its fourth community development spotlight where it talked about how to rid the state of homelessness.