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Business & Economy

Vice President of SEIU Discusses the Fight for $15

New Jersey's version of the nationwide effort to raise the minimum wage is sitting on Gov. Christie's desk waiting to be signed.

Puerto Rico Welcomes Business and Investment

Malu Blazquez and Yvette Collazo discuss the Roosevelt Roads Redevelopment project and the incentives Puerto Rico has for businesses and investors.

Officials Highlight Effects of TTF Roadwork Shutdown

Elected officials say stopping roadwork paid for with the Transportation Trust Fund affects residents and they want the Senate and Assembly to come to a compromise.

Asw. Sumter on Impact of Paterson Funds ‘Held Hostage’

Assemblywoman Shovanda Sumter, thought to be a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2017, discusses the impact of cuts in transitional aid for Paterson.

ACLU-NJ, Sex Workers Call for Decriminalizing Prostitution

New Jersey's ACLU and the New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance are pushing to decriminalize sex work in the state.

Sen. Sweeney: NJ Can’t Absorb Christie’s Sales Tax Cut

Senate President Steve Sweeney discusses Gov. Christie and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto's plan for funding the Transportation Trust Fund and why the state can't handle a 1 percent sales tax cut.

Program Provides Meals to Students on Summer Break

Officials visit summer camps and other areas where children congregate during the summer to offer meals to students who get them through the government during the school year.

In Atlantic City, Clinton Trashes Trump’s Legacy

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stood in front of the old Trump Plaza in Atlantic City and told a crowd Republican nominee Donald Trump is unfit to lead the nation.

Effects of Stopping Transportation Trust Fund Roadwork

Since Gov. Christie ordered all roadwork funded by the Transportation Trust Fund halted, the those in construction are worried that they won't have work or get paid.

NJ Students Find HESAA Loans Unforgiving

New Jersey’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority issues NJCLASS loans, which are privately run. Some students and families have found it difficult to make payments and get deferment.