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Laid Off Construction Workers Demonstrate Over TTF Shutdown

With no vote planned for Transportation Trust Fund legislation, construction union members will continue demonstrations at the office of every elected legislative official in the state until an agreement is reached.

NJ Received $59M from Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Industry in 2015

According to a report by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 23,000 doctors and health care professionals in New Jersey received payments ranging from as little as a penny to more than $4 million from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

NJ Spotlight Reporter Talks About Investigation into Meadowlands Hospital’s AmeriMama Program

The AmeriMama program at Meadowlands Hospital entices pregnant Russians to deliver their babies here, making the babies eligible for U.S. citizenship.

Investigation: Meadowlands Hospital Entices Russian Women to Give Birth in NJ

A recent investigation by NJ Spotlight unveiled Meadowlands Hospital in Secaucus has been marketing its services to Russian women online, enticing them to spend thousands on travel packages to give birth in New Jersey. It's a practice known as birth tourism.

Social Security Helps Increasingly More Children

While 5.2 million children nationwide benefited directly or indirectly from Social Security in 2001, it’s now up to 6.4 million according to the Center for Global Policy Solutions.

Bill Aims to Define Claw Arcade Games as Skill or Chance

Sen. Nicholas Scutari has proposed a bill that would ensure the integrity of arcade claw games.

New FDA Rules Limit the Sale of E-Cigarettes

This week, the Food and Drug Administration began limiting the sale of electronic cigarettes, cigars and hookah tobacco to anyone younger than 18.

NJEA Members Rally at State House and Withdraw Support from Sweeney

Deadline day for the state senate to get a constitutional amendment on the November ballot has come and gone.

Unprecedented Debt Leads to Saving Struggles for Millennials

Research shows that only a quarter of millennials have basic financial literacy and two-thirds of millennials have at least one source of outstanding, long-term debt.

Reaction to News of Taj Mahal Closing

Taj Mahal workers were in the fifth week of their strike when management announced it would close the casino after Labor Day.