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Business & Economy

Atlantic City Looks to Attract Millennials

The tourism industry in Atlantic City is working to attract millennials to spend their money in the financially strapped city.

Christie Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill

Gov. Christie vetoed the Democrats’ $15 minimum wage bill inside a family-owned supermarket, where the boss says small businesses like his can’t afford to pay almost double New Jersey’s current $8.25 per hour minimum wage.

Battle for Hearts and Minds on Gaming Expansion Has Begun

New Jersey voters will decide in November if gaming should be allowed outside of Atlantic City. Those on both sides of the issue have started pleading their case in the form of ads.

Are Hops New Jersey’s Next Cash Crop?

Hops give beer its distinct flavor and demand is on the rise in New Jersey.

Some Leery of EpiPen Alternatives, Despite Price Hike

Doctors know about Adrenaclick, an alternative that costs less than half as much as an EpiPen, but rarely prescribe it or its generic version.

Antitrust Laws and Keeping up with the Modern Economy

Designed to promote competition, antitrust laws in today's economy may have a harder time keeping up due to how quickly innovation occurs.

American Dream Gets a Financial Shot in the Arm

The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority approved two bonds for a total $1.5 billion for the American Dream at the Meadowlands.

Camden Demolishes Derelict Houses to Reduce Crime

The day after an 8-year-old girl was shot in the head on a Camden sidewalk, the city began demolishing derelict houses as part of an effort to reduce crime in the city. It's the biggest housing demolition project in state history.

Program Offers Newark Youth Summer Jobs

Nearly 3,000 Newark youth participated in a jobs program that placed them at more than 200 businesses for the summer earning minimum wage.

NJ Left with Three Obamacare Insurance Providers

Two insurance providers have dropped out of New Jersey's Affordable Care Act offerings and a third decided not to join. Some looking for insurance say the premiums are too high for them to afford.