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Lawmakers Approve Gas Tax Hike to Replenish Transportation Trust Fund

Members of the Senate and Assembly debated for hours before voting to renew New Jersey’s bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund and pay for it by hiking the gas tax 23 cents.

Transportation Trust Fund Vote Delayed Until Friday

Procedural rules prevent the Senate from voting on any bills the same day they’re amended unless three-fourths of the senators agree to do it as an emergency. The next vote on the measures that would raise the gas tax and lower other taxes is scheduled for Friday.

Legislators, Progressive Groups Rally Against TTF Deal

Sen. Ray Lesniak is among those opposing an agreement for the Transportation Trust Fund that would increase the gas tax while eliminating the estate tax and lowering the sales tax.

Trenton’s TTF Compromise Leaves No One Happy, Threatens Budget Hole

Gov. Christie, Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Prieto reached a deal to fund the Transportation Trust Fund for eight years that includes a gas tax increase and a small sales tax decrease.

Summit Partners with Uber for Commuter Pilot Program

NJ Transit commuters with parking passes at the Summit station will be able to take Uber for free to and from the station in a new pilot program. Summit officials believe the program will be beneficial for the city by freeing up parking spots for others who will pay to park and do business there.

Christie Announces Transportation Trust Fund Deal with 23-Cent Gas Tax Increase

Gov. Christie announced a Transportation Trust Fund deal, which will increase the gas tax by 23 cents and cut the state sales tax.

Rutgers Launches Food Pantry for Students

Rutgers New Brunswick has opened a food pantry this fall to help students in need of food.

Bill Would Stop Businesses from Prohibiting Negative Online Reviews

Congressman Leonard Lance is co-sponsoring a bill that would ban business contracts for goods or services that don't allow negative or truthful reviews and give the Federal Trade Commission enforcement over the issue, without affecting a company’s right to sue for libel or slander.

Atlantic City MUA Plans to Buy Bader Field, Despite Being Collateral for State Loan

Atlantic City officials announced a plan for the Municipal Utilities Authority to borrow money to buy the city’s old airstrip Bader Field for no less than $100 million. The MUA is listed as collateral for a $73 million bridge loan from the state that Atlantic City hasn't paid back.

Self-Driving Cars Raise Privacy Concerns

Privacy advocates worry about the amount of data self-driving cars collect and how that data is being used.