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AC Officials Ready to Fight for Recovery Plan Approval

Atlantic City’s elected leaders say the state Department of Community Affairs got it all wrong in rejecting the city’s five-year recovery plan. They say they're willing to to go to court over the issue.

Lawmakers Propose Bill to Legalize Sports Betting in NJ

Assemblymen Ralph Caputo and John Burzichelli are proposing a bill to eliminate any state regulations on sports betting.

It Now Costs More to Fill Your Gas Tank in New Jersey

A 23-cent increase in New Jersey's gas tax is now in effect.

Midnight Deadline Looms for SEPTA Strike as Talks Continue

A potential strike by 5,700 SEPTA workers threatens to gnarl travel into, out of and around Philadelphia.

Chip-Enabled Cards Are Hurting Small Businesses

A recent survey found 71 percent of consumers plan to do their holiday shopping online because the new chip-reading dip takes longer than the swipe for approval.

A History of Halloween

Halloween traditions started long before consumers could buy any frightening costumes or bags of candy.

Affordable Care Act Insurance Rates Increase Average of 25 Percent

Across the country, policy holders getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act will see an average increase of about 25 percent through the federal marketplace. New Jersey ranks 21st.

Debate Over Minimum Wage Goes On

Although Gov. Christie vetoed a minimum wage increase this year, lawmakers, business leaders and worker advocates are still debating increasing the state's minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Asm. Judiciary Committee Reviews Atlantic City Recovery Plan

Atlantic City officials have approved a recovery plan that needs state approval. If state officials reject the plan, city representatives say they will appeal that ruling.

Atlantic City Officials Narrowly Approve Fiscal Plan

City Council members voted five in favor of the Atlantic City recovery plan, three against and one abstained. The state of New Jersey has five days to approve or reject it.