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Business & Economy

Independent Hospitals Becoming Rare in New Jersey

There are around 75 total hospital facilities in New Jersey. A decade ago, nearly all were independent. But that’s changing as facilities are chasing economies of scale.

Researchers Take a Look at Retail Therapy

Rutgers Business School conducted a study that spent two years testing participants to see how they would spend or save their money under acute stress.

New Law Requires State Make Quarterly Pension Payments

Instead of one lump pension payment at the end of each fiscal year, a new law calls for smaller payments made at the end of each quarter.

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rate

For the most part, the Federal Reserve's decision to raise the key interest rate won't have an immediate effect on U.S. consumers.

United States Postal Service’s Busiest Time of Year

USPS is projecting about 16 billion total pieces of mail and packages will be delivered between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve nationwide.

Committees Approve Book Deal Bill, Moving Legal Advertising to Internet

Committees in the Senate and Assembly moved forward two bills. The first would allow state officials to profit from writing a book. The second would move all legal advertising currently in newspapers onto the internet.

Phil Murphy Releases Tax Return, Gets Key Endorsement for Governor

The Communications Workers of America union endorsed Phil Murphy for governor the same day he released his tax return for 2015.

Teaneck Takes on Zombie Homes

After residents called in complaints, the town council in Teaneck adopted an ordinance requiring maintenance and annual registration of vacant, abandoned and ill-kept properties.

Board of Public Utilities to Help South Jersey Verizon Customers

BPU Board President Richard Mroz volunteered to work as presiding commissioner to reach an agreement between Verizon and South Jersey customers.

Bipartisan Legislation Would Allow TTF to Sell Bonds to Pension Fund

Instead of bonding to a hedge fund or in a private investment, the Transportation Trust Fund will borrow from and pay interest to the state pension fund, if bipartisan legislation is approved.