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2016 Year in Review of New Jersey News

Many big news events happened in New Jersey in 2016.

How Much Info Do Digital Home Assistants Store?

A murder case in Arkansas has raised questions about how much information devices like Amazon Echo store from customers.

St. James Food Program Fights Off Financial Woes, Continues Providing Services

The agency runs on a tight $600,000 a year budget. There's not a lot of wiggle room when programs cost almost $25,000 a month to run. And since 2008, the number of clients at St. James Social Services has almost tripled.

Home Affordable Mortgage Program to Expire at End of 2016

The Obama Administration's Home Affordable Mortgage Program, or HAMP, will be replaced by a new federal assistance program called Flex Modification in 2017.

Google and PSE&G Team Up to Find Methane Leaks

Using the same cars that take pictures for Google Maps, Google and PSE&G are able to detect methane leaks caused by aging infrastructure.

Walking Tours Highlight Battle of Trenton Victory

Historians consider the Battle of Trenton the key turning point of Revolutionary War. Each Patriots Week, walking tours teach visitors about the important event.

The Impacts of NJ’s Six Cent Minimum Wage Increase

The Jan. 1 minimum wage increase to $8.44 an hour amounts to an extra $402 for workers in 2017.

Regulations for Ride-Hailing Services Await Gov. Christie’s Approval

New Jersey lawmakers overwhelmingly approved requiring ride-hail drivers to have insurance to cover passengers and have permits to drive them, but they left it up to the state attorney general to decide how to do background checks.

Muslim, Jewish Volunteers Serve Christmas Meal at Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen’s annual Christmas dinner is sponsored this year by Muslims Against Hunger, an organization dedicated to feeding those in need. Volunteers bring the food, cook and serve.

Salvation Army Sees Drop in New Jersey Donations

Representatives from the Salvation Army attribute the decline in New Jersey donations to more online shopping and fewer individuals carrying cash.