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Board of Public Utilities to Help South Jersey Verizon Customers

BPU Board President Richard Mroz volunteered to work as presiding commissioner to reach an agreement between Verizon and South Jersey customers.

Bipartisan Legislation Would Allow TTF to Sell Bonds to Pension Fund

Instead of bonding to a hedge fund or in a private investment, the Transportation Trust Fund will borrow from and pay interest to the state pension fund, if bipartisan legislation is approved.

A Birthday Wish Gives Gifts to Foster Kids

The nonprofit A Birthday Wish collects donations to give gifts to foster children around New Jersey.

Tech Startup CEOs Showcase Businesses

Wednesday was the inaugural accelerator class of Newark Venture Partners. The for-profit venture capital firm launched in July 2015 and brings technology companies, job growth and economic change to downtown Newark.

Manville Doesn’t Qualify for Federal Flood Mitigation

After 10-plus years and $3 million of research, Manville doesn’t qualify for federal flood mitigation measures, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

NJBIA Members Feel Good About Future

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association has released its annual outlook survey, and members say the road ahead looks pretty good with increasing profits, sales and jobs.

Trenton Housing Authority Employs Ex-Cons as Security Guards

The executive director of the Trenton Housing Authority has decided to hire some ex-convicts as security guards for tenants of the authority’s 1,500 units. That decision isn't sitting well with some.

NJ to Get $18M in Federal Money for Pre-K

This year’s federal grant will allow 17 New Jersey school districts to continue their work and start up new pre-K programs, sending 2,000 4-year-olds through their doors, 6,000 total since the start of the Preschool Development Grant Program, aimed at lifting up children from low- to moderate-income families.

HUD Says Smoking Ban at Public Housing is 18 Months Away

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced it will be banning smoking in its public housing facilities. The agency says the ban will save over $150 million a year.

NJ Supreme Court Weighs Affordable Housing Obligations

The state Supreme Court heard arguments challenging a lower court ruling that told towns they don't have to make up for housing obligations missed between 1999 and 2015.