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What EPA Funding Cuts Would Mean for New Jersey

Lawmakers say New Jersey will lose out if President Trump's proposed budget gets approved because cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency will mean the end of state programs that clean up Superfund sites and ensure clean and healthy water and air.

NJ Ranks Fifth in Patents Awarded in U.S.

According to the federal government, New Jersey ranks fifth in the nation for the most patents awarded over the last 40 years.

Atlantic City Cops, Firefighters Vow to Fight Court-Approved Salary, Benefits Cuts

A judge ruled that the state can essentially tear up its collective bargaining agreement with Atlantic City's firefighters' union.

Report: Newark Improved in Providing Kids Health Care

The Advocates for Children of New Jersey annual Newark Kids Count report shows that as of 2015, only 6.5 percent of Newark's kids were without health insurance coverage.

Trump’s Proposed Budget Wouldn’t Fund Gateway Project

President Trump's budget proposal kills initial funding for the Gateway project to replace old, crumbling tunnel tubes under the Hudson River.

Hospitals Worry About Increased Charity Care with Proposed ACA Replacement

Fair Share Hospitals Collaborative Executive Director Jennifer Mancuso says though member hospitals provide $123 million worth of charity care each year, they're reimbursed just $12 million. And that cost could increase with the Republicans' plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Creative New Jersey Works to Solve Problems in Camden

The statewide initiative Creative New Jersey came to Camden, collecting scores of citizens and encouraging conversation about solutions to the city's issues.

Arts, Humanities, Public Broadcasting on Chopping Block in Trump’s Budget Request

President Trump has recommended eliminating funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in his federal budget proposal.

Bill Would Give Pension Control Back to Police and Fire Personnel

A bill unanimously passed the Senate transferring management of the police and firemen's retirement system from the state back to its roughly 85,000 current and retired members by creating a board of trustees.

Travel Analysts: Tourism Could Decline with Trump Travel Ban

Bookings and searches for international flights to the U.S. both declined after the first Trump administration travel ban, according to travel analysts.