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An Historic Secret Takes Center Stage in The Second Mrs. Wilson

"The Second Mrs. Wilson," tells the story of President Woodrow Wilson's second wife, Edith Wilson, who ran the country behind closed doors when the president suffered from a stroke.

Monmouth University Special Collection Preserves All Things Springsteen

Monmouth University's Bruce Springsteen Special Collection has over 20,000 items. The exhibit includes everything from the singer's yearbooks to an Irish passport that was made by a fan and thrown onstage during one of his shows.

Exit Zero International Jazz Fest and Veterans Day Parade in NJ This Week

The weekend is here and if you’re looking for a fun activity this weekend or during the upcoming week, here is a list of events happening Nov. 6 through Nov. 12.

History of a Legend: Mrs. Leeds and The Jersey Devil

Tales of the Jersey Devil has been around for centuries. The creature is said to have coal-red eyes, a horse's head, bat wings, goat feet and a serpentine tail.

Non-Profit Gives Students the Instruments to Succeed

Little Kids Rock is a national non-profit that trains public school teachers to teach kids popular music that they can relate to. The program purchases new instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards and microphones, and donates them to schools. Since 2002 Little Kids Rock has reached more than 400,000 kids in schools throughout the nation.

Obama ‘Hope’ Artist Shepard Fairey Completes Jersey City Mural

Artist Shepard Fairey was commissioned by Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Mana Contemporary to create a mural. The massive 100-foot by 50-foot mural named the Jersey City Wave was created over five days and stretches above the Grove Street PATH Station.

Ridgewood Native and Glee Alum Ali Stroker Breaks Barriers on Broadway

Ali Stroker is said to be the world's first actor in a wheelchair on Broadway. She's in the revival of Spring Awakening on Broadway, and previously had parts on Glee and The Glee Project.

Bizarre AC and Fall Food Truck Fiesta in NJ This Week

The weekend is here and if you’re looking for a fun activity this weekend or during the upcoming week, here is a list of events happening Oct. 16 through Oct. 22.

Newark Celebrates 350 Seeks to Invigorate City Spirit

America's third oldest city, Newark, will celebrate it's 350th anniversary in 2016. Newark politicians and community members are hosting events in preparation for the yearlong celebration that will offer a variety events throughout the city.

You Don’t Have to Run Away to Join the Circus Anymore

An American Youth Circus Organization 2010 study indicates about 10,000 youths ages seven to 21 participated in about 200 circus programs nationwide.