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Christmas Lights Brighten Up Holiday Spirits

The first lights were put on a Christmas tree in the 1880s. Since then, they've become a tradition during the holiday season. One show in Wall Township uses over 80,000 bulbs and attracts nearly 12,000 visitors.

Taking the World By Force: ‘Star Wars Force Awakens’ Full Review

With its heartfelt sentiment and thrilling excitement, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is an extraordinary ride for fans and non-fans alike.

“The Force Awakens” in Much Anticipated Star Wars Film

The latest installment of the Star Wars franchise did not disappoint. Already breaking box office records before its release, the film is expected to shatter previous records.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Hits NJ Theaters

The highly-anticipated addition to the beloved franchise meant sold-out screenings across the state last night -- and not just at midnight, but as early as 7 p.m.

Christmas with the Claws and Peanuts Christmas Special In NJ This Week

The weekend is here and if you’re looking for a fun activity this weekend or during the upcoming week, here is a list of events happening Dec. 18 through Dec. 24.

Bradley Beach Cinema Celebrates 90th Anniversary

The Beach Cinema in Bradley Beach is a vaudeville house-turned-movie theater. It's a one-screen, independently-owned cinema, where the popcorn butter is real and ushers wish you 'Goodnight' at the end of the show.

Music School Teaches Those With Special Needs

At Octopus Music school instructors teach about 200 students. Approximately 50 are children, teens and adults with special needs. They can take guitar, piano, drums, violin or voice lessons.

A Beautiful Voyage Adrift ‘In the Heart of the Sea’

Ron Howards' "In the Heart of the Sea" chronicles the apparent truth behind one of America’s earliest epics, Moby Dick.

Model Trains on Display for the Holidays

There are more than 40 trains on display at the Garden State Central Model Railroad Club’s annual holiday display. About 3,000 people visit the holiday train display every year.

Family Sweet Shop Creates Candy Canes for Holiday Season

Giambri’s Quality Sweets has been making treats for over 70 years. They make about 40,000 candy canes a year, starting production in August and wrapping thing up by mid-December.