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Phil Alongi

Phil Alongi
Executive Producer

Phil Alongi is an award-winning journalist who oversees all news operations for NJTV, including its flagship program NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams, njtvnews.org, all election coverage and special events. He was a primary architect for the conception, design and implementation of the network’s current home: the Agnes Varis NJTV Studio in Newark. Alongi began his broadcast career at NBC News in 1997. During his tenure at the network, he produced for Nightly News, the Today show, News at Sunrise and specials. He has covered five presidential election cycles, the Millenium/Y2K coverage, the second Gulf War, the shooting at Columbine and dozens of other major news events. When he’s not being a news junkie, he moonlights as a professional operatic tenor, and has six televised performances and over a dozen leading roles throughout the U.S. to his credit.