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March 23, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Christie’s crowing about the best jobs report in years. But he demurs on a bill to make officials release their tax returns. A bill that would let police and firefighters manage their own pensions is put to a vote. A delay on the vote to repeal and replace Obamacare. Does the American Health Care Act have the votes to pass? There are plenty of essential services available to the homeless. And today in Essex County, easy access to food, housing and medical care. Allotting land for a new science and technology city. But is selling prime Hudson River real estate for $10 a good deal? And how about this for a good deal? We’re broadcasting tonight before a live audience at Camden’s Adventure Aquarium.

Feb. 27, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Students struggling to afford the rising cost of college are skipping meals. What universities are doing to prevent hunger on campus. Ahead of the governor's budget address, the state pension dilemma. A former state treasurer predicts the feds will step in. Is that a good thing? The state of clean up for the state's Superfund sites. One congressman fears cuts to the EPA could create a quagmire here. And when is a hot dog not a hot dog? When it's wrapped in a bun and shot from a cannon across a middle school gym. This you've got to see.

Lawmakers Hear About Impact of Food Insecurity on College Campuses

A study by the College and University Food Bank Alliance found that 48 percent of college students reported experiencing food insecurity. Rutgers and Montclair State University each have food pantries available to help.

Without Temporary Rental Assistance, More in NJ Could Be Homeless

New Jersey's Temporary Rental Assistance program is ending. Advocates say that could cause more people to become homeless or leave the state.

Feb. 21, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Restricted seating at Newark Penn Station. Who's being targeted? And is limiting access to a public place legal? Pulling stop-gap rental assistance for those chronically homeless or disabled. If the state can't help those chasing the dream, who can? Questionable grades and graduation rates in Englewood. Auditors have temporarily replaced district staff to sort it out. New guidelines on immigration enforcement. What do they mean for unauthorized immigrants here? And living history at a local country club. Built to provide a respite from racial discrimination. And what a respite!

Study: 37 Percent of NJ Households Can’t Afford Basic Needs

The latest ALICE study finds that 1.2 million or 37 percent of households in New Jersey can't afford basic needs. And the percentage is climbing, up 31 percent from just over 600,000 households in 2007 to more than 800,000 in 2014.

Jan. 17, 2017: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Another candidate to replace Christie. His Republican lieutenant governor's loyalty to the boss could come at a cost. Christie skipped the announcement to spend the day boosting his drug addiction crisis agenda, likely the hallmark of his two terms in office. The Port Authority released big budget capital build-outs. Did a desperately needed new bus terminal make the cut? How to secure the state from terror attacks. Homeland Security says in this era of lone wolf terrorists, citizens are key. And there are families making enough to rise above the poverty line who still can't afford food and shelter. How does this happen?

Bill Would Create Tiny House Pilot Program for Homeless

A bill making its way through the state Senate would create three tiny house pilot programs in New Jersey to house the homeless as prices continue to keep housing unaffordable to so many.

Dec. 29, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

The poor can't be kept in jail for failing to make bail. Reformers applaud the changes. But some counties and companies claim it won't pay. Voice-activated technology linked to the cloud can control your internet of things. But can it also virtually spy on you? A former NFL player throws a Hail Mary pass to get the league's ban on medicinal marijuana lifted. Can pot treat pain as well as addictive opioids? Treating needy neighbors with food and shelter and resources can fuel the soul but break the bank. Who will suffer if the money runs out? And look who's bucking Congress' attempt to ban transmitting from the House chambers via social networks? A Jersey girl.

St. James Food Program Fights Off Financial Woes, Continues Providing Services

The agency runs on a tight $600,000 a year budget. There's not a lot of wiggle room when programs cost almost $25,000 a month to run. And since 2008, the number of clients at St. James Social Services has almost tripled.

Stories of Thanks From Those in Recovery

Eva's Village in Paterson helps clients beat back addictions and find jobs. On Thanksgiving, volunteers and legislators help serve hundreds of meals to those in need.

HUD Homeless Count Comes Up Short

Homelessness is down 12 percent over the last year in New Jersey, according to the Annual Homeless Assessment Report from the federal department of Housing and Urban Development.

Nov. 18, 2016: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

More programs and services have helped homeless families get a place to call home. What the state's doing right and what more can be done? What do urban entrepreneurs need to open shops and hire workers? A dream and a team. You'll meet the group with the goods. The search for biological parents. Adults adopted as children can soon find out where they came from to better understand who they are. New life for an old fort. The new "Battle of Monmouth" has ended with the Army selling the main post for a multi-use development. And curtain up on a 125-year-old Princeton tradition involving not science prodigies, but F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jimmy Stewart's virtual progeny.

Debate Over Minimum Wage Goes On

Although Gov. Christie vetoed a minimum wage increase this year, lawmakers, business leaders and worker advocates are still debating increasing the state's minimum wage to $15 per hour.