NJ Decides 2013: U.S. Senate Primary Results


Results of special U.S. Senate primary races.

Last Updated: Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013, at 3:24 p.m. (ET)


Precincts Reporting – 99%



Cory Booker – WINNER


Rush Holt


Sheila Oliver


Frank Pallone



Precincts Reporting – 99%



Alieta Eck


Steve Lonegan – WINNER



  • Dale Brown, Sr.

    early numbers would be nice

  • Dale Brown, Sr.

    ok it’s after 8pm where’s the numbers

  • mrcd

    numbers? where is everyone?>

  • Gary Bernard

    Most of the media is simply ignoring the primary, with the exception of pointing out “just how ‘dynamic’ Cory Booker is and, oh, buy the way, did we tell you he knows Oprah?” It’s so very sad.

  • Will

    Its Lock Booker and Lonegan

  • Dale Brown, Sr.

    yes Steve Lonegan won !!!!!!!

    • Will

      Yes he did..Now he can get the 32 percent of the vote come Oct! lol

  • Gary Bernard

    My guess is that Rush Holt is there just on case Frank Pallone would get any traction….Pull just enough to insure that the mayor of NJ’s Detroit wins. Being new to D.C., he’ll follow orders so much more willingly.

  • Tothian
    • Jay

      He’ll win in your dreams. Booker is going to the Senate whether you like it or not.

      • Austin

        Booker is a corrupt ego-maniac. Even many in Newark don’t like him, the man actually managed to cause a near riot at city hall once… He’s not fit to be mayor let alone a senator!

  • smoothJohnnyS

    Awwww, Steve Lonegan finally won a campaign!

  • Andrew

    I miss NJN’s election coverage!!!

  • Bill Cohn

    Sheila Oliver (who endorsed J Edgar Hoover’s domestic spying techniques) is rightly getting her clock cleaned.

  • Andrew

    Where is Jim Hooker when we need him?

  • Bill Cohn

    I miss NJN terribly. Thank Christie for cutting them off.

  • Andrew

    “Last Updated: Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, at 8:17 p.m…” NJN would have election results coming in & posted by now. A banner, reports, interviews, & more.

  • Bill Cohn

    News 12 called it for Booker.

  • Jackie

    Booker put action behind his words as he worked for the people even in the worse Snow Storm in history. Holt/Pallone have done little to nothing in Congress but collect a salary and perks. Lonegan a national joke and in need of mental help is now looking for votes. Christi told his base the fake performance of photo ops with Obama and that bipartisan talk was only for votes and the GOP mission is still on. Jersey could get a Governor who works for the people or allow Koch Bros. puppet and Karl Rove’s student Chris Christi continue to raise State fees and give more tax breaks to the wealthy. Christi has already played dumb when given contracts to friends as favors. Don’t ask Christi to answer your question he goes off in the Soprano Mafia act.

  • Bergenant

    Cory Bookers only getting votes out of name recognition. If he really does help the people of Newark, why do they still have a high crime rate? why did he never lead by example & take the free gun safety lessons offered to him by a caller to the radio show he did?
    Helping people shovel snow, and save someone from a fire, does not make them a good leader and representative.

    Why did he start the gun buy back program that only helped to unarm law abiding citizens desperate to get a few measly hundred dollars in exchange for less security?
    Did voters forget that he did nothing against Michael Bloomberg after it was discovered NYPD were illegally spying on Newark NJ Muslims across state lines?

    Reap what you sow NJ, time to really investigate the backgrounds of the candidates between now and October

  • Bruce

    The pro-Lonegan, anti-Booker verbal preponderance on this site is lame to infinite scale. Where’s a tea party when you need the fools, anyway? Boo.

  • chris

    Eck was the Republican Parties only chance at beating Booker…Lonegan is a joke, a career losing politician …

    I’ll probably “waste” my vote on a 3rd party again

  • Brian

    There all bad however only 5% of N.J. voted yesterday if you did not vote shut up i voted for a loser however at least i voted . If I have to see one commercial for ‘ were stronger than the storm’ i’m going to vomit!!!


  • Big D

    Booker is in with lobbyists more than any one else in the state….except maybe Christie. He will pound lonegan bc lonegan is too conservative to win a federal statewide election in NJ. lonegan never wins and wont win this time. Only a household name will win in this state as a republican….so either a celebrity or Tom Kean

    ill b voting third party….which is where lonegan should be relegated to.