NJ Decides 2012: Kyrillos/Menendez Debate for U.S. Senate



Watch the hour-long debate which is preceded by the 7:30 p.m. edition of NJ Today.

The Record and Herald News, publications of North Jersey Media Group, in partnership with Montclair State University, are co-sponsoring a debate between the two major-party candidates, U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and N.J. Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R–Monmouth), on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. at the campus of Montclair State University.

The debate between the incumbent Menendez, who is seeking a second term, and Kyrillos, who has served in the New Jersey Senate for two decades, will shed light on issues and challenges facing New Jersey residents. The candidates are battling for the U.S. Senate seat in the Nov. 6 General Election.

Mike Schneider, Managing Editor and Anchor of NJ Today, will moderate the debate. Panelists will include Brigid Callahan Harrison, Professor of Political Science and Law at Montclair State University and frequent political commentator, Alfred P. Doblin, Editorial Page Editor of The Record and Herald News, Herb Jackson, Washington correspondent for The Record, Michael Aron, Chief Political Correspondent for NJ Today and Doug Doyle, News Director of WBGO.

To follow or join the discussion on the debate on Twitter, use hashtag #NJDebate.

  • Denise Astuto

    I can’t hear anything!

  • arl

    Reason for loss of jobs: Republican Governor Christie- same party as Kyrillos.

    Under the decades of Republican presidents, the middle class has gotten slammed, the wealthy have grown wealthier. And those wealthy people shelter their income from their fair share of taxes.

    Which party dictated “no child left behind” and then failed to supply or allow sufficient resources to allow schools to support that policy?

    NJ and our nation are in enough trouble with a Republican governor, and from digging out under the mess left by Republican presidents; why give those who created the mess more power by electing Kyrillos?

  • ted west

    All I keep hearing from Sen. Menendez is how much pork he has harvested in Wash. to bring home to us. This dedication to pork hunting needs to be stopped.

  • arl

    The middle class will do well, when they are not overburdened with taxes and held back by the kind of Republican policies that prohibited middle class raises back in the 70s.

    Remember how hopeful we were before that?
    We thought that because
    we had earned a hard-won education,
    gotten our jobs,
    done them well,
    and expected to receive the raises promised us when we took those jobs,
    that we were on the way to making decent lives for ourselves and our families.

    The actions of the Republicans in those days, slammed us.

    Improvements to our homes were put on hold.
    Replacing the old cars we were driving was put on hold.

    Vacations we had saved for became the groceries we needed,
    the gas for our cars we ONLY got by waiting in long gas lines,
    repairs for those aging cars.

    We played board games at home, used our cars only when absolutely necessary, got second jobs, saw more women working to help support their households. We managed.

    But we stopped thriving.

    We’ve paid off our debts and are still managing.

    We are grateful to be holding on.

    Under the Democrats we will have changes and we believe that the government will treat all citizens fairly.
    Maybe, we- still working and planning to work after we “retire” from our career jobs – can hope to thrive as we grow into our “mature” years.

  • arl

    How many jobs did NJ lose when Governor Christie interfered with what was NJ public TV?

    NJ lost jobs and we lost an media source that let us know about many things that were happening in our state.

    NJTV seems to have forgotten the existence of my area of NJ.

    We are not the Jersey Shore, we are not Central Jersey.

    WHYY, in Philadelphia is now a more reliable source of news about my area of NJ than our own NJTV.

    I miss that news stream that I used to turn to NJTV to see and hear.

    Thanks for the debate tonight. Please give us ALL NEW JERSEY, not just N (orth) Jersey, news and reports.

  • PD

    Both candidates and moderators should cry foul with the quality of the production values of this debate. The hollow sound, bilious ” lunch room” lighting, distracting background, podiums that reflect the video monitors, as well as the station ID logo often obscuring the candidates faces make it extremely difficult to watch. I’m turning off NJTV and will try to listen to the debate via the live stream online.

  • Alana J Nachmani

    I absolutely love Joe Kyrillos! He is one of the most genuine politicians I have ever been acquainted with, and there is no other man deserving right now to be our United States Senator than NJ Senator Joe Kyrillos. Joe stands by what he believes is right while he has our citizens in his best interest and has the dedication and determination to brings his goals to fruition.

  • Alana J Nachmani

    I am uncertain if Bob Menendez is knowledgable of these PELL Grants, but I was denied one from Anthem Institute because I have already earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and therefore, do not qualify to complete one of their programs with a PELL Grant.