Tales of the Jersey Shore: Storm Warriors


Author and historian and Emil Salvini hosts the latest episode of Tales of the Jersey Shore called Storm Warriors. Before there was a U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Life-Saving Service battled ferocious storms along what was known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic; and Storm Warriors captures the untold story of these fearless men.

  • Leonard DiBrango

    I am enjoying the Tales of the Jersey Shore series very much. I am looking forward to seeing more of them.

    • Emil Salvini

      Thanks Lenny for the kind words. Happy to say that NJTV agrees with you and Tales of the Jersey Shore will begin broadcasting as a full half hour next summer.

  • Gail DeGruccio

    Very interesting look at NJ Shore History.
    A very well done, and enjoyable series. I hope to see many more.

    • Emil Salvini

      Thanks Gail for the kind words. There are two more interstitial that will be shown over the holidays and then this summer we will do a full half hour series

      Happy Holidays

  • Monty Dunn

    This isn’t bad but there was an even better locally produced series about the entire state called “Threads” that ran last spring. Any chance NJTV could run that again? It was really good.

    • Robert Prescott


      As part of a full disclosure were you not the co-producer of the ” better locally produced series.” that was “really good.”?


      • Monty Dunn

        Absolutely correct! And we’re curious to understand why the show is not being broadcast along with “Tales of the Jersey Shore”? Both programs highlight the great and good of the Garden State. Each is real Jersey-centric programming that is both entertaining and informative. Something not available from the two PBS stations on either side of us.

  • Alex

    I agree… Being a history buff myself, I very much enjoyed Threads. And to your comment Robert, it was amazing…especially learning the back story of the production. Takes guts to create a project like that. And yes, this other program is alright, however I feel much more strongly about a project that was created as Threads was. Bravo Monty and the team. I would love to see this program run again and I would even love more to see equally distributed publication of such programs. Unequal spotlight gives the perception of favoritism… Yes, this may not be your reality, but it’s mine.

  • Anthony

    I the spirit of full disclosure I am also one of the producers of the series Threads.
    First, I’d like to thank Alex for those kind words regarding the series. Secondly, I’d like to join Monty is inquiring as to why Threads is not currently being aired on NJTV.
    Not only does Threads satisfy all the criteria for an entertaining and educational Public Television program, it exceeds them. Threads seeks to educate and entertain but also to promote the positive aspects of this much maligned state. Jersey’s rich history is easily mined, but Threads sought to uncovered and highlight the little known cultural/historical gems. We chose not to spotlight the obvious, but rather to dig deeper and share the powerful stories just beneath the surface. Our series held to the strict criteria of examining stores that were tied to a particular location – thereby encouraging tourism with in the state. Threads wove not one, but three tales together in an imaginative and clever manner in each episode.
    With all due respect to Tales of the Jersey Shore, and at the risk of appearing immodest, Threads is an overall more sophisticated program, with a higher production value, better writing, more thoughtful narratives and a far more engaging host. It baffles me as to why NJTV would not want to air this program. In fact, with the dearth of Jersey-centric programs currently being broadcast on the channel, you would think the station would be more than eager to air this series. But then again, I am biased.

  • EMonnier

    Why does it seem like we are back on the school playground? Here we have a comment line concerning the TotNJS short story episode. I for one enjoyed the show and it would seem there were others.

    Why do Monty Dunn and his aquiantance Anthony feel the need to make TotNJS a sudden scapegoat for a TV stations decision? From what I have read, the show in question was no longer in the current program, before the TotNJS episodes were televised.
    There is no point or need for either of you to use this platform for your cause. I am in no way trying to put either of you nor your Threads show down. You may have valid arguments for what you seem to think is an injustice.
    Maybe you gentlemen should address your grievences to someone from the NJTV chain of command.

  • angela tellone hatch

    I broke one of my major rules and gave you my email address in order to support Emil Salvini and Tales of the Jersey Shore. It’s one of my favorite blogs. I love seeing the 5 minute shows and am looking forward to the half hour ones. Emil runs the best web site on facebook. He keeps it cleaned up and positive. No nonsense is allowed. It’s always a pleasure. He’s an intelligent and well educated historian who captures the essence of the New Jersey shore that I knew and loved. I hope you will continue to support this man’s work. I love it and am one of the first ones to watch whenever a link is published. I’m in LA now and this show makes me want to return.

  • Anthony

    Reply ↓
    EMonnier, I apologize if my rant seemed to amied at Tales of the Jersey Shore in particular. It was not meant to be. My reply was born of frustration with the process and the questionable priorities of NJTV programming. Certainly I never meant to imply Mr. Salvini was not an accomplished individual. And he is obviously a serious, thoughtful historian. I take nothing away from his ability to get his program from conception to broadcast – trust me, I realize how challenging that can be. Perhaps my last reply lacked tact. My only excuse is that my passion for our project overtook my sense of decorum. Indeed, it may have been unfair to compare both programs. Both seek to educate and entertain – but in clearly very diIfferent styles. Certainly there is room for both on the NJTV programming schedule. And just to be clear, we have reached out to NJTV with no success. I’m not certain if you have ever viewed an episode of Threads,if you have and you are a fan of NJ, I’m confident you would agree as to the show’s value and charm. Again, straight forward documentaries are wonderful, but Threads sought to transcend the conventional format. It is an innovative, unique approach to the tradional documentary style. In any case, we are totally behind Mr. Salvini’s efforts to share the historical treasures of the Jeresy Shore. I think we can all agree on that. And just for the record, it has been my experience in life that we never do actually leave the school yard playground – we just get bigger….:)

  • Rose

    I think Tales of the Jersey is a great show and very interesting. I hope to see it continue on NJTV.

  • Deb Whitcraft

    This is a wonderful video and I would be honored to play this at the NJ Maritime Museum, if given permission to do so. Please let me know. I can be reached at 609-492-0202 or through the museum’s website at http://www.NJMaritimeMuseum.org Thank you for producing such an excellent video of a part of our state’s history that has essentially been ignored. Great job!

    Deb Whitcraft
    Curator & President
    NJ Maritime Museum