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Jobs vs. environment in Pinelands pipe plan fracas


GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — The age-old issue of jobs vs. the environment is playing out again. This time, it’s in the New Jersey Pinelands, a million-acre spread of protected woods and wetlands that happens to be in the way of a proposed pipeline to fuel an old coal-burning power plant with cleaner natural gas.

South Jersey Gas wants to build a 22-mile pipeline through the Pinelands to connect with the BL England power plant in Cape May County.

Environmentalists object to the plan. They say it will damage pristine woodlands that shouldn’t be touched for such projects.

Supporters want the jobs the project would bring. The utility also warns that southern New Jersey customers could be left out in the cold without a second means of getting gas to their homes.

A public hearing is underway in Galloway.