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Christie’s dissenters become more vocal, visible


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Critics of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are becoming more vocal — and more visible.

Opponents are showing up at his public and private events to hurl criticisms and question his knowledge of a plot to tie up traffic near the world’s busiest bridge.

The Republican governor says he didn’t know about the plot, which was orchestrated by his aides.

A Christie fundraiser last week in Michigan drew 40 protesters, including one holding a sign that said, “Don’t Mess with Our Bridge.”

Other demonstrators have disrupted recent town halls. On Thursday, 10 people seated together spelled out “Bridgegate” with letters hand-painted on their T-shirts.

The possible 2016 presidential candidate says a public worker union is behind the protests.

But the union’s political director says Christie should stop blaming others and answer constituents’ questions.