A look at congressional candidate Tom MacArthur


NAME: Tom MacArthur

AGE: 53

GREW UP: Hebron, Connecticut

FAMILY: Married with an adult son and a daughter in high school. Another daughter died in 1996 when she was 11.

RESIDENCE: Toms River. Also owns homes in Randolph and Barnegat Light.

POLITICAL EXPERINCE: Served on Randolph Township Council from 2011 through 2013, including stint as mayor in 2013.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University.

OCCUPATION: Retired after 28 years in the insurance industry, including 11 as chairman and CEO of York Risk Services Group.

NOTABLE: His family foundation has donated more than 1,600 wheelchairs to children around the world in memory of his late daughter, Gracie.

ON THE ISSUES: Wants to make the federal income tax flatter, preserve Social Security and Medicare and replace President Barack Obama’s health insurance overhaul with a new system that includes limiting malpractice lawsuits and possibly using an insurer of last resort for people without coverage. Wants to protect Barnegat Bay and the Pinelands.

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: http://www.tmac4congress.com/about/

CAMPAIGN CASH: By March’s end, he had contributed $2 million to his campaign and raised $1,075 in donations. He had $1.7 million on hand.

  • Shrimp Boat Captain

    Looks like the wheelchair story is a lie. If it is, I can think of nothing lower. There is no evidence proving that ANY wheelchairs were donated. ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED is a big number…No photos? No testimonials?

    St. Peter’s Sandy Relief Fund…no notation on the St. Peter’s Church in Barnegat Light web-site? Is that made up, too?

    The guy has no program other than smearing his opponents, and no intention of debating publicly.

    He also voted at the Toms River Condo he doesn’t live at – but the machine will protect him from prosecution for ballot fraud – for now.

    Pleasant Dreams, Tom.

  • kickyourace

    Since 2005, Tom and Debbie’s foundation has generously helped fund and support programs for everything from wounded veterans to children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. They have given over 1,600 wheelchairs to persons around the world, in memory of their daughter Gracie, and contributed to local Soup Kitchens and homeless shelters for those in need.
    I’d love to see some proof that he actually personally or via his ING Foundation donated 1600 wheelchairs (I’m assuming working but maybe they needed to be repaired?) Tom, anything? Frederick LaVergne, the D-R Party candidate called you on it. Said he’d apologize if he was wrong. I see you haven’t asked for that Apology yet.