Marking Territory – exhibition announcement

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Marking Territory – exhibition announcement
November 11, 2013 10:30 am
December 13, 2013 4:30 pm
Jeanne Brasile
October 3, 2013
Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University
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400 S. Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ, 07079, United States
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The Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University presents “Marking Territory,” a group exhibition co-curated by Alycia Piazza and Erin Healy, graduate students in the university’s Museum Professions program. The exhibition features artworks created using maps deaccessioned from the Walsh Library collection and re-purposed by artists to explore their socio-political impact. The exhibition includes metropolitan-area artists Aileen Bassis, Wenye Fang, Joshua Knoblick, Zannah Marsh, Disnarda Pinilla, Nyugen Smith and Mimi Weinberg. Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives stimulate a dialogue on the implications of superimposing lines on land.
Maps drawn by cartographers and artists have influenced the human understanding of the world from their inception. Maps are not static objects, they are ever-changing to reflect the knowledge, beliefs and circumstances of the people who use and create them. “Like many official documents, maps are something we often take at face value — an essential truth. But as this group of artists demonstrates, maps are far more than simple diagrams or way-finding tools” say co-curators Piazza and Healy. The artists involved in “Marking Territory” have used a variety of media to manipulate maps and highlight themes potentially lost between the lines. Topics addressed in the show include colonialism, identity politics, economic growth and decline, biology, memory and social interaction.